Health and Propensity (obsession)

Health and Propensity (obsession)

Principles of the mind rely on reward, satisfaction and acceptance relying of face with terms acknowledge understood, and satisfying. When reward is not appropriate (acting as pain or punishment) the mind tends to demand reward search morally for options to apply. The children see what others do and when they see them drinking they make it part of their moral inventory. The subconscious reactions then search for ways of obtaining or even spontaneously obtain the alcohol or drugs or even both. Learning to control these reactions to the stimuli requires tough gregarious actions of learning principles and learning to develop their personality from the principles. Well principles can be confusing and even unwelcome in a house that drinks and or uses drugs or both as the praise their own acceptance doing what they see others do. The Oxford Group Mr. Bill has presented steps to help maintain a high professional, courteous spiritual mind on the best possible stimuli, which also accompanies the 12 steps which help to maintain a good personality allowing for reward amongst others and their accomplishments.
Fails of teens often results when their activities create a frowning from their piers or leaders not realizing its their events that create the disappointment which can often be resolved to a comfortable mind set by talking.
When this is passed up the mind again demands gregarious setting application or aptitude so they call it. Habits of reward from fruits ice cream and chores or other events that create a satisfaction are often sought. The drinking tends to create an end to the seeking and goes into stupor. Achieving acceptance from peer’s higher powers becomes impossible or extremely difficult while the body reacts to the alcohol of drugs. While this emotion is easy to obtain and does not have the confirmation of real stimuli and effects of reality it is often re practiced and practiced again and again as the feelings of proper practice with life terms becomes more faint, too difficult, not worthy, or even unwelcome. The feelings of reaching the dream feeling is achieved without real practice (the null).
The importance of health, personality and good principles are vital to child’s upbringing and should focus on manors, life skills, and career skills. Defense when faced with the enable objectives in life often result in temperamental excitement which young are not use too resulting in good manor reply’s questioning its existence, or temper tantrums, or even acceptance which led to abuse as the refraining of the new found fond is very difficult to overcome and requires gregarious redevelopment of the mental status.
Understanding that very little things have big effects upon others were Constance insurance of acceptance is of requested to continually inform the mind of acceptance or insure the higher powers and peers are rewarding properly
What is accepted and is not accepted is sometimes a controversy depending on the event or culture and beliefs


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